21-Day Journey into the Heart of your Feminine Power
2.2.22 ~ 22.2.22
On the occasion of the Celtic festival of Imbolc, under the auspices of Brigid – Goddess of Healing, Home and Hearth.
We will be exploring different ways to tend to your inner flame, harmonise your relationship with yourself, and come home to your inner power.
Releasing ~ Retrieving ~ Reclaiming…
This will be an opportunity to gain some clarity on your thoughts and emotions, explore your desires, and reconnect with your inner knowing.
While holding space for greater self-trust and belief to seed within you.
~Ruthless Honesty,
~Fierce Love,
~Steadfast Holding
… with ALL parts of yourself. All your experiences are welcomed, and included, in wholeness.
Healing and harmonising within, as you retrieve the power of your true nature and desires. So you get to enjoy embodying your authentic power in your life and relationships.
This Free, 21-Day Inner Journey will be guided via email and in the Inner Oracle Sanctuary group on Facebook. 
How to participate:
1- Sign up for email prompts and resources, in the box below
2 – Request to join the private group (answering a few brief questions): https://www.facebook.com/groups/InnerOracleSanctuary
I look forward to uncovering some inner magic with you, on the journey…