Healers and Heretics

Conversations with courageous and interesting women walking the path of authentic living. Healing themselves and others, and speaking their truth – especially when it’s inconvenient. 

Hearing the lived experiences and wisdom of women on a similar path is always so soul-nourishing, reassuring, affirming and inspiring for me. I hope it is for you too.


We’re not meant to travel this journey alone! Each of us is a unique spark of the Divine, and we need the resources and community to help us embody that.

Sharing our insights from personal or professional healing and evolution is one way to contribute to a more enlightened, conscious and authentic world.  Where it is safe and encouraged for each of us to embody and express who we really are, deep down.

NOTE: I apologise for the poor sound quality at my end. I had laptop/mic issues, however in the spirit of ‘Action, not perfection’, I decided to post it nevertheless, and I hope this won’t get in the way of you hearing all the interesting things Carol had to say!

In this first interview in my new ‘Healers and Heretics’ series, myself and Carol Doyle-Plikk explore some of the ways we are unconsciously trained by our families and society, into overriding our real needs, feelings and desires.

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