Healers and Heretics

Conversations with soulful women, who are on the courageous path of healing and conscoius evolution, expressing their true selves, even when it’s ‘inconvenient’.  

Hearing the lived experiences and wisdom of women on a similar journey is always so soul-nourishing, reassuring, affirming and inspiring for me. I hope it is for you too.


In this interview series, you’ll hear insights from women’s personal or professional experiences of coming home to their true selves.

So that we can learn from each other, and feel inspired on our own paths of embodying the powerful, deep, intuitive, creative, and multidimensional beings we are.

Catherine shares about her journey through nursing and acupuncture, to integrating energy healing and multidimensional awareness into her practice. And what it takes to ‘deprogram’ from received norms, to embody her own, authentic path.

Irene shares her experience as teacher and student of 5Rhythms movement meditation, a deep and potent practice for expressing our deeper selves, in motion.