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Let your inner knowing and desires shape your life, to embody your true power, gifts and magic


Imagine if you were more in tune with your true needs and desires, and deeply connected to the powerful creativity, passion, sensuality and wisdom that resides within you.   

How would it feel to reconnect with your emotions, trust your gut, and believe in yourself? To be able to do and say what you need in your key relationships, and feel good about it.

To feel nourished and supported to express your gifts and creativity. Imagine what would be possible if you felt relaxed, grounded, and truly at home in your own body...

Take a look through my offerings below, and you Book a 30-min Exploration Call to see whether it’s a good fit for us to work together.

I look forward to connecting with you, and discussing how I can best support you in uncovering your true self and embodying your full potential.  ☀

Private Sessions

Tailored Programmes supporting you to Trust and Express your True Self



Group Programmes


6-month Healing & Empowerment Group
with Weekly women's circle
Autumn 2022

Please email me with queries / interest


Workshops & Circles

Women's Circles, & Tailored Workshops for Groups & Companies