‘Anchored & Aligned’


Weekly Accountability Group

A supportive holding space, for consistent action and implementation on your most important projects or intentions.


Max. 6 people

5 Wednesdays in June

Live via Zoom: 2pm UK / 9am NY

€80 for the 5 live sessions (80 mins)


When things get busy or chaotic, as they do, we need our core anchors and practices, to keep coming back home to ourselves and what matters.
For many of us, awareness and intention is not enough: we also need regular accountability touch points, to implement.
To actually DO the doing, and BE the being, that we already know needs doing and being! 
And to find ways to do this with fierce love and commitment, alongside pleasure, humour and joy.



I’m offering this intimate group space during the month of June, as a weekly cue to re-root and realign yourself with what matters most – to you.

A space for self-connection and mutual support, to encourage you in progressing on your personal and work goals.


There will be a dual focus: 

Staying on track with your personal development or inner intentions, and taking consistent action on your external work or creative project.

Supporting you to stay aligned with your deeper soul desires for expansion, while also honouring your human need for security, support and incremental growth, as you stretch beyond your comfort zone, into 3D implementation!




This group is for you if:


•  You’re self-employed, or have a creative project you want to bring into form

•  You’re looking for a container to support you in integrating and implementing a programme / training / coaching you’ve done

•  You have a specific idea, project or intention that you’re ready to implement

•  You tend to resist taking consistent action on things, or following through on your personal priorities 

•  You’re full of inspiration and motivation, but get distracted by everyday busyness, competing priorities or procrastination

•  You overestimate how much you can get done, and then feel discouraged, or bad about yourself for falling short of expectations

•  You respond better to positive feedback and loving encouragement, than critical feedback

•  You want to move forward and achieve success on your own terms, in a way that’s embodied, grounded and sustainable.



What you’ll experience:

The group will offer you weekly accountability on implementing your goals and intentions, in a way that is both nurturing and empowering. 
Boosting your motivation and momentum through encouragement and celebration, rather than pushing forward, depleted or out of integrity with your true capacity.
Meeting regularly as a group will allow you to be witnessed and encouraged by others in your process. And to experience a sense of community and connection, mutual solidarity and support between women who share similar values and intentions.
The idea is also for this 5 week experience to allow you to create your own rhythm and practice, and gain clarity and self-awareness on your process, that you can can bring forward with you. 

Group structure


•  Meet weekly, on Zoom (no recordings – everyone commits to show up live!)

•  You choose your most aligned, achievable intention(s) to commit to

•  Time for grounding and embodied self-connection

•  Time for reflection and journaling

•  Reviewing and Celebrating + Planning and Implementing

•  Specific time slot for each person to share updates 

We can all benefit from spaces that force us to take a breath, interrupt the stress cycle, and move forth from a more grounded and empowered place.
Ploughing ahead from false will, unconscious habit, or in constant reactivity mode is painfully unsustainable, as we know.
It’s high time for a new paradigm of ‘success’, that we get to define for ourselves!
We get to flourish when we have other empathic, sensitive, deep souls witness and encourage us, hold space for messy growth, and reflect our own magic and power back to us.
I’m delighted to be offering this group space in June, and look forward to seeing what takes shape for people.