Soul Maps Magic

One-to-One Session
(80 mins)

To help you bridge the gap between all the info and awareness you hold, and implementing it in your everyday life, relationships, work, expression or creations.


  Integrating and applying your astro charts, personality frameworks, energy healings or intuitive readings, etc. 

   Clarifying what you most need now, to help you shift old patterns and make sustainable, practical changes.

  Being resourced and supported in embodying the core energetics of your Soul’s unique blueprint, in everyday life  ✨



🌿 You bring your charts, insights, questions, conundrums or curiosities, as well as an open heart and mind; your own inner wisdom and power, and any existing practices or supports that you find helpful.


🌿 I bring my full presence, knowledge and experience (of astrology / Human Design, personality type frameworks etc., as well as Psycotherapy theory and practice), and my intuitive antennae, that help me tune in deeply, and support you in surfacing what has yet to be made conscious.



✨ Explore and synthesize the core themes, patterns or energetics you’re working with in this lifetime, and what resonates most for you
✨ Identify key areas or challenges surfacing for attention, at this point in your life
✨ Clarify what supports you in implementing all the info and awareness you have, in a way that’s sustainable and realistic
✨ Create a practical plan to support your needs and desires for 2023

✨ Have a bit of fun geeking out together, while holding a sacred space, entirely focused on you and your current needs.




🌿 A deeper understanding of the core themes and energies you hold, within your Soul self and ego self, as expressed through the various charts or frameworks that resonate with you
🌿 Awareness of areas that create challenges or blocks for you, and what can support you through them as they arise
🌿 Insight into your priority needs and desires, at t his point in your journey
🌿 Clarity on the everyday tools and practices that can support your ongoing integration and embodiment, as well as flourishing within your life, work, relationships or creations.
🌿 An opportunity to deepen in your self-connection, compassion and intimacy, as a foundation for moving forward.

Single session (80 mins) at €170 




Have you ever reached that point where a healer / teacher / guide tells you the SAME thing you’ve heard before, yet again, in different words?
And you sort of laugh, but also roll your eyes or your heart sinks in frustration, because you’re oh-so aware of this already, but still haven’t really experienced any shifts on this particular theme in your life?!

I’ve definitely been there, and done that. Most of us have.
And yet, at some point we start to feel ready for real change, and can benefit from support in translating all of this into action (or non-action, where required), and into our everyday life situations.

And I have learned, the hard way, that the answer usually does NOT lie in taking in yet more information! 


Usually there comes a point where what’s needed is a shift into greater intimacy and attunement with ourselves, to support real, sustainable shifts to take place.

And we are finally ready to surrender the attachment to constant seeking without, and start turning inwards, and coming home to ourselves.

Allowing things to be simpler, lighter.


Less intellectualising, more living
Less self-doubt, more self-belief,
Less fear, more flow

Less guilt, more joy



We can take all this wonderful external information and guidance, and start allowing it to filter down past our minds, and into our own hearts and bodies, where the healing and changes really happen.

Especially at certain times of change or transition in life, or at the turn of seasons, we can feel the call to tune in more deeply and take stock, while recognising that, often, less is more!

That’s when we start truly LIVING our lives, and expressing our unique soul esssence.


Many of the women I work with tend to be very self-aware, wise, knowledgeable, intellectual and sensitive, and yet encounter difficulties in embodying all their awareness in practice.
They are seekers and often healers, but don’t always trust their own inner knowing, and so tend to look to others for affirmation.

They keep experiencing similar frustrations, conflicts, doubt, guilt or fear, within their key relationships, or when it comes to their work, or expressing themselves creatively and having their voices heard.


This one-off session is for those of you who:


  Love delving into your natal Astrology, Human Design, Enneagram, Myers Briggs and other personality typing or archetype frameworks – i.e. ‘Soul Maps’ – but find it more challenging to apply them in your everyday life.
  Often seek out intuitive readings from other people, and feel enlightened and validated by them, yet things don’t change much for you after the initial boost.
  Want to move past absorbing All The Info, and into applying what you ALREADY KNOW.

  Are ready to releasee the urge to keep seeing outside guidance, and learn tools & practices for regularly tuning into your own needs, desires and inner knowoing.


There’s such richness and gold in all of these resources and modalities, and they play an important role in our journeys, but for many of us the challenge lies in the ongoing, everyday practice of integrating the messages and guidance we receive, and holding space for our own heaing and growth.

I look forward to delving in with you.