Venus Embrace

A six-week group immersion, into deeper self-intimacy, attunement and flourishing 



There is so much beauty, pleasure and goodness here on this Earth for you. 

And yet often it does not feel safe to fully be here, in your body, to relax and receive more. To savour the sensory delights, without fear or guilt. 

There can be resistance, when it comes to being seen in the fullness of your Soul’s light. 

To fully appreciate and consummate this human life of yours, AND be well-resourced as you share your gifts and wisdom with others.

 Though a part of you longs to follow the flow of your Soul, other aspects may remain frozen or restrained, by the memory of past aggressions and repressions. 

Your body is the bridge between these.

All aspects of you collide and reside in this sensing, feeling, breathing, unique and extraordinary being that you are.

When you are exquisitely attuned to your own needs and cues, and you honour these deeply, you can embed new levels of intimacy – with yourself, and with life.

It’s time now, to come home to your wholeness. 

To stop ignoring your true needs, or fearing your heart’s desires.

To create a safe, secure base within, that you may return to at any time. 

And to relish the freedom that comes, when you know you are your own greatest ally, and can always source strength from within.

This is your invitation into a deepening of intimacy, with your truest self. 

A strengthening of sovereignty. 

A drenching in love and care.  

So you feel safe to grow and expand, and anchor more of your Soul’s light here on Earth


What to expect


In this 6-week, intimate group immersion, we will take a close look at what helps or hinders you, in developing a more loving, attuned, secure relationship with yourself. 

There will be a blend of teaching transmissions, guided energy work, personal inquiry, embodied practices, and Q&A / discussion. 

Through weekly, live group sessions, we’ll explore what it takes in everyday life, to release old patterns that restrict you, and start honouring your real needs. And create more ease and self-trust as a ‘new normal’ baseline. 

Helping you create your own personal foundations, to support you into your next level of thriving.

We’ll do this by tracking key areas that facilitate secure attachment and deeper embodiment, to support you to expand and flourish: 

  • Honouring the need for sacred space and secure holding, especially at times of healing, change or growth.  
  • Tending to your body’s cues and limits, and honouring your actual capacity. 
  • Following your own natural rhythms and pace. 
  • Pursuing your curiosities and desires, and the need for pleasure and play. 
  • Getting ruthlessly honest, and acting in greater integrity with your truth.

Bridging the gap between:

  Your human need for security and predictability, and 

★  Your intuitive, multidimensional self, that is longing to grow and express

We’ll look at enhancing the ways you can nurture yourself daily, and align more with your natural flow. 

And we’ll identify where clearer boundaries and structure may be needed, to follow through with aligned action.

Finding a dynamic balance between being and doing, receiving and giving, structure and flow…

So you can feel resourced and enjoy sharing more of your innate gifts and wisdom.

The group container will help you hold space for all parts of you, from your inner child, to your inner wild and wise woman, to your timeless Soul essence.


Refined attunement

Stronger integrity

Deeper trust and intimacy

Greater soveveignty

Enhanced flourishing

When you inhabit your body more fully, you know you always have a safe place to land, inside of you.

When you trust that you can always source answers and guidance from within,

You can open your heart, and fall into the arms of reality, knowing that you are always held.


This group immersion is for those who:


Are healers, therapists, teachers, guides, leaders, creatives, light/shadow workers, wayshowers, space-holders, psychics, seekers, mystics 

May identify as highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive, neurodivergent

Are interested in all things healing, shadow work, energetics, embodiment, nervous system, archetypes, astrology, soul maps, etc., and want to integrate these more in everyday life, to experience the benefits.

Want to embody and express more of their true nature, and feel safe and resourced to do this sustainably.

Are looking for a map to guide you into new levels of thriving, in all areas of your life.

It’s also for you if you:

  • Tend to get distracted seeking answers outside yourself, and undervalue your own wisdom and power
  • Have a pretty successful and fulfilling life, yet find it hard to fully relax, enjoy, and receive, without residual guilt
  • Are devoted to healing, personal development, and self-care practices, yet feel a degree of striving or misalignment, in how you go about these.
  • Want to shape your work, schedule, home life and relationships in a way that reflects your true needs and desires
  • Know deep down that it’s time to start fully trusting your inner knowing, and allow more of your Soul self to be expressed
  • Want to stop playing small, and step into greater visibility or leadership, and do it in a way that works for you.


It’s important that you:

  • Have done a fair amount of inner work, and are on a path of embodied awakening.  
  • Are open to things like energy work, intuitive guidance, somatic practices, emotional processing, guided journeys, Soul connection
  • Feel resourced at this time, to delve into more self-exploration, inner work, and growth.




Please note:

Though this is not a therapeutic container, or primarily intended for supporting shadow work, it’s natural for the process to surface things that require healing and processing.

You are welcome to avail of one or more private 1-1 sessions with me, to support you during the group immersion should you wish. Group participants receive a 20% discount on sessions. You can book these directly with me, by email. 

This can also be done with a therapist or healer you’re currently working with, or on your own if you feel resourced to do so. 

If you’re unsure whether this group is right for you, have questions, or just want to connect with me before we start, you can book a Free 20 min call, here




★  This small-group immersion will be held online over 6 weeks, starting Tue 23rd May, 2023

★  Weekly live group sessions via Zoom, on Tuesdays at 13:30 Dublin time, for 90 mins (first and final meeting 2 hours). Replays will be available.

★  These will be a combination of teaching transmissions, guided energy work, embodied practices, and Q&A / discussion. 

★  I will offer simple yet powerful frameworks, tools and practices to explore, and you will be encouraged to adapt and incorporate your own.

★  There will be the option of a private group chat for communication in between sessions, should participants desire it.



€630 paid in full, or 3 payments of €210

★ Special early bird rate of €550 (or 2x €275) before 16th May

What this immersion can offer you 


Guidance in creating your own personal map to support your thriving, that you can rely on and return to, again and again in life.

An experience of coming home to your core, and inhabiting yourself more deeply. Being more in tune with your emotions, and your body’s needs.

Refining your daily rituals and self-care practices; creating more space to express your creativity, passion and gifts.

Feeling confident and congruent in your actions. Strengthened personal boundaries, and being better equipped to say and do what you need in key relationships

Being able to identify limiting patterns and habits in action, and develop strategies to re-centre yourself. Divesting yourself of collective norms and distortions of over-work, disconnection or self-betrayal.

Feeling more in touch with your true essence, and free to express it. More in contact with your intuition, and able to follow through on your inner guidance.

Approaching your life with more ease, flow and joy, allowing things to come to you. More in tune with your senses and sensuality, and able to soak in the pleasures. 

Reconnecting with your inherent wholeness and worthiness. And reclaiming your connection and belonging to the web of life.


If you have any questions or would like to touch base before signing up, please book a free 20 min call with me, here 

About Me


I bridge the realms of psychotherapy, energy work, and intuitive guidance. 

My work is especially informed by attachment theory, transpersonal and depth psychology, along with many years steeped in intuitive development, embodiment practices, deep feminine teachings and mystery schools.

(More on my background here -scroll down to ‘Bio and Approach’ )

I’m as likely to spend time chatting with my inner child, as I am communing with nature or conspiring with my Soul. 

And I’m as devoted to ongoing healing and growth, as I am to savouring the simple pleasures and beauty of life. 

Shadow and light, intertwined.


I’m deeply committed to practicing what I preach and embodying what I teach, to the best of my ability, weaving it all in to how I live, work, relate and create.

A big part of my own path has been coming out of my head to inhabit my body more deeply, and creating secure foundations for my Soul to expand and flourish. 

Finding ways to harmonise and integrate the many polarities within me, and my lineage, as I foster a more secure and loving relationship with myself.


For the astrologically-inclined, my Venus, Mars and Chiron are all in Taurus, in the 12th house (with Venus at its peak, at the anaretic 29 degrees). So it’s taken a fair bit of shadow work and devotion, to integrate and embody these energies in a conscious, empowered way!

… Which of course is the gold I have retrieved, and now teach.

I have been on an intimate path with Venus and her cycles for a few years now, and am so happy to get to explore some of her mysteries and wisdom with you, in this container.

In this lifetime you are now free, to savour the gifts available here for you, while offering the gift of your true essence and presence, in return.

I see the magnificence of your Souls, and sense the power, pleasure and delights you are opening up to, as the barriers dissolve and your true nature comes out to play…

Well done on a great course – I really liked both your content and your extremely personal style of delivery, and love the way you teach without a rigid script.

It has also reassured me that I wasn’t mad delving into some of those areas myself in recent years – that in fact, they do all knit together and make total sense overall.

'Coming Home’ Group Programme participant

It was such a supportive, safe environment, and I really appreciated the workshop being facilitated by a qualified, experienced psychotherapist

Group workshop participant

I have taken part in coaching, psychotherapy and somatic therapy before and this process was far superior.

Maybe back then I wouldn’t have been ready for this either, so perhaps it is just the right support for me at this stage with the level of awareness that I have.

I really liked what felt like a hybrid level of support and not just coaching or therapy. It just feels more human to connect the mind, body, earth and spirit!

Private Sessions client

Your caring and gentle yet strong nature is just beautiful. Also being held by someone who understands my sensitivity, and how the world around me and the energies affect me.

I love how you hold space & ask really good questions, and you know when to ask me to sit with something and to tune into a feeling in my body, and that real-time processing is amazing.

So impactful and valuable, and you create a gorgeous safe space.

~ Anna, Entrepreneur (Private Sessions client)

I very warmly recommend this course to anyone wishing to go on a journey of self exploration and healing.

Apart from generously sharing her wealth of knowledge, Delphine has the very rare talent of being able to combine established psychology with more esoteric topics such as the chakra system, in an easy to grasp manner, and with lots of warmth, humanity and humour.

She is able to use her own journey and growth to help others find a pathway to healing and a new way of being.

‘Coming Home’ Group Programme participant

I just don’t have words to express how Delphine’s acute awareness, precision and breadth of knowledge has helped me with my inner journey and realisations.

She has this uncanny capacity to go to the bottom of what you’re trying to understand or trace, even if language fails you, and offer back the image / feeling / sensation – going straight to the source of your truth.

She holds space for your deepest, most challenging explorations with compassion, grace and the most subtle, mountain-like strength and support.

If you’re looking for nourishing, enlightening and life-changing growth, then look no further.

Group Workshop Participant

~ Elena, Psychic & Energy Healer

These wonderful sessions with Delphine have given me the tools I needed to embrace taking time for myself. Allowing myself to truly connect with my body and mind and make real changes in my life.

Delphine uses her immense talents to create a beautiful space that allows for experiences to develop organically.

After listening to her calming voice and subtle guidance I feel empowered to achieve my goals. I am truly grateful to have been on this journey with Delphine and look forward to our next session

~ Karen (Guided Journey sessions)